A nurse is a profession who practice nursing. Nursing is a profession within the field of health that focuses on the care of the individuals, families and the society at large. They are concerned with the recovery of optimal health and the quality of life. They are distinguished from other health care providers from their approach to patient care, training and the scope of their practice. Nurses practice in many specialists with different prescriber authority levels. Many nurses perform their duties under the order of the physicians. This has made the nurses to be the care providers, especially in the hospitals. However, the nurses have been given the authority to operate on their own depending on the level of education. The traditional regulations that they are the caregivers are beginning to change.


 The nurses make a plan for the care and collaborate with the doctors so that they can operate efficiently in providing the health guides services. This improves the quality of life of the people in society. Nursing is a course that is growing rapidly around the world. It becomes popular day by day. The clinical nurses and the clinical practitioners can also diagnose the health problems and also offer the right medication. This is determined by the level that a nurse have and the jurisdictions given by a state.


The nurses from may also assist in the coordination of the patient's care that is performed by other specialists such as the therapists, medical practitioners, and dietitians. They work interdependently, either with the physicians or by their own as nursing professionals. The nurses are paid depending on the act of the state.  They are also paid differently depending on the education levels.


The historians have a challenge of determining whether a nurse is a caregiver to the sick or give care to the injured in antiquity due to the good job that the nurses do; they should be paid well.


 One of the reasons why the nurses should be paid well is because they have gone through the formal education and others have degrees. Therefore, they are accountable for a better payment. They should be paid decent salaries like the doctors and the pharmacists. For more info about registered nurse, visit



 Another reason is that there are instances that they perform the work that is supposed to be done by the physician. This is in the cases of emergencies and therefore save lives. The same way, they also perform the duties that the social workers perform when the social workers are absent such as washing.